Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cat of Ankara - Angora

Basic Features
With the owner who worship literally and followed him everywhere, the Angora cat energized, the player is intelligent and curious cat. Ankara, which is quite fond of house cats, and is compatible with very close relationships with people. Enthusiasts and researchers have put the structure feature of his players.

Besides this being a stable structure that can be seen as a result of the curious identity. Always bring something to mind if you will. Unique sense of fun and wonder of the show because her home while surfing on the furniture, while catching imaginary friends, or playing with balls and never get bored with it before it is possible to spend hours of fun.

Appearance and body structure
Sharply defined medium that has a head very long and üçgenimsi Angora cat is a structure in the nose.

A large erect ears, long considered to be close to each other and are located right at the top of the head. Ear tips are erect and hairy.

Big eyes and round pupils of the vertical structure in the form of an almond. --- --- Cog Although usually compared with the blue eye color of amber, green and yellow hues, and can be in two different colors such as yellow-blue eyes. Ankara, which has a long and beefy body postures and movements of the cats are very elegant structure.

Abundant long silky feathers and white consisting of a single layer structure. A second layer is called the lower feathers. Plenty of tail feather, fluffy and long. While walking back toward his tail held horizontally curved Angora cat who view these properties with the specific and unique feature of being won. The most characteristic feature of Angora hereditary deafness, but may not be observed in some Angora cat.

Hair care
Long, silky hairs that often raises the need for screening. Should be screened regularly. Otherwise you may experience problems opening tow power.

As the ancestor of long-haired cats are accepted and recognized in Europe as Angora cat Angora --- u --- cog when Iran and America are mixed with cat cat is known as Iran.

Produced in Turkey and the Turkish side, this cat breed is the homeland and region of origin. Between the years 1620-1625 for the first time during the Crusades, a French scientist leading the way back to the land that produced some of the white Angora cat with an elegant way to deploy well-known and received great acclaim in Europe. 17.yy.da for Angora cat associations recognized in Italy was established.

The most important of these associations can be considered as the Club continues to work and still Pietro Della Valle Turco Angora Angora cat named associations working for the development of production and compete in the race, and contributes to the development. 18. and 14th-century Marie Antoniette Louis became a fan of cats and many other noble Ankara and Europe have been continuing production. In 1962, U.S. military personnel to be taken to America by a pair of Angora cat of this breed in the United States have led to the recognition and love.

These days in America and Europe are produced as pure Angora cat. Ankara cats interbreed with cats for many years, Iran has been and long-haired cats were obtained in different colors. Therefore in danger of extinction of living Angora is a pure white color, race, property protection and to prevent extinction in recent years, attention was paid to produce.

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