Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Curl

Basic Features
Noble and logical personality, have excellent intuition and rational awareness. Curious behavior and positive outlook to life immediately draw attention. Like his outward life and lifestyles in a positive preferred by people looking for this cat, two or three years pass from childhood to adolescence.

Apart from fresh meat, cans of food very nice and ready to go.

Appearance and body structure
This race, with a medium size head, even though the structure, the distance between two ears because of the shortness of the structure seems to be quite a head. Between race, which has the most sensitive American ears Curl'in ears long, straight and relatively wide mouth texture.

Large walnut-like shape of the eyes, small nose and mouth in a rectangular shape with the Curl appealing and attractive, has very strong jaws. Weight of 2.5 and 4.5 kg in the --- gis --- The American Curl, less developed, but a regular working muscles, medium-length legs, above each other in proportion with streaks of large tail and a round large non-paws of a medium-sized body structure has. Feels silky to the touch and not too long with feathers, although the Curl'in wrinkled skin is not sagging.

Hair care
And a soft-silky hairs so bright that they look healthy is proportional to shave.

American Curl'ün story of Joe and Grace Ruga Californiadaki lake homes Shulamit discover begins. Ruga pair, in 1981 and Shulamit breed cats four offspring of the two Shulamit like the curly-haired and curly-eared, although the other two curved ears and even the long haired born with genetic studies have begun, and this race thoroughbred made were.

Starting in 1983, the first time this race in 1986 in recognition CFA (Cat Federal Assocesetion) was adopted by racially pure. In 1991, the American Curl breed championships to be seen in 1993, was adopted with two different hair lengths.

Adopted in every color and race was skating down the most prominent feature is recognized as kıvrıklık ears.

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