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Basic Features
Active, affectionate, cats are susceptible to the same sporting event. Why do not they be left alone. Generally, garden of life, even if they can not live on the streets.

Outdoor Terrace, bird baths are the places that they wanted to spend time. This race, often systematic, consistent, and preferred to ordinary people.

Appearance and design of living
Always in relation to the body structure, head of medium length. At first glance, steepness and width of the ears and eyes, it crashes.

And cute little nose, big ears, is dominated by black stripes Baliniseler, almond-like nose and a diamond and light, which is very sensitive eyes, the image looks like. Medium-sized muscular, and to improve the Balinese design and elegant profile, a relatively small body and long legs, small and oval-shaped legs.

Long, thin tail, and an impressive cover the whole body soft, this race won his second feature. Interracial structure of feathers, except the moon is a long and silky appearance.

Balineselerin so that they are slightly longer than the feathers a cute look. Even on a regular basis by brushing the hair in different cat breed is also good, because this race is going.

Origin of the breed in the southern part of Bali Beach is a city in ASIO. Competition in a region in the northern part of Bali Sea is far from the culture and friendliness. Therefore, the nature of race, long-haired Siamese cat belong to racial and emotionality, and civility is not dominant. Even the behavior of the breed is often compared to former local chapters with the dancers.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Australian Mist

Basic Features
Burmese'nin compassion, intelligence and agility Abyssinian'ın, domestic cats have taken a healthy and strong structure is a great house cat.

They do not leave the owner's side, and they walk through the house with him. These cats are always happy, one patient with a toy for hours until they are oynacak. children and others who understand the Australian Mist kucakta petlerle like to sit too.

Are not considered very intelligent, but is always ready to play this race for the kittens, adult cats are more demure and submissive.

Appearance and body structure
In a medium size, hard, muscular body is the Australian Mist short-haired cat. Females are slightly larger than males.

Compatible with a round head, body, ears are small and steep. Big bright eyes, round and green in color. Eyes and nose close to one another are inclined towards. Slightly downward facing eyes, whiskers, nose, chin and facial lines of expression to earn a pretty approachable. This powerful and expressive facial expression is more pronounced in male cats. Chest is broad and rounded shapes.

Is proportional to the body and strong legs. Rear legs, front legs are slightly longer. Paws are oval shaped and clean. Is proportional to the body and thick tail. Elbows slightly bent and the right-to-end creates a little thinner.

Hair care
a little cat hair is in need of care. Once a week made a brief five-minute brushing is sufficient.

Avutralya'nın domestic short-haired cats in Sydney, Burmese, and Abyssinian 's mixture, a new hybrid breed is known. Previously known as the Spotted Mist race in Australia in 1980 and later became a championship race at the birici is recognized as the name of the Australian Mist. However, these names were recorded in 1998 as official. In later years, the United States and New Zealand also lead to well-known and grown.

American Wirehair

Basic Features
Under the brutal and harsh image lies a character actor and loving. A great pleasure to play this game of cat breeds is a good fighter. Agile and energetic structures in the development of this ability has a great effect. At the end of moving day, they love to dive into a deep sleep. They usually like the natural food and fiber.

Appearance and body structure
Massive, rectangular head with the American Shorthair'dan structure is divided. Mouth and jaw forward slightly protruding structures are well developed. Legs, medium length and bone structure. Is small and oval paws. Tail of medium length and are less muscular. Planted with soft fur, curly and is very common.

Hair care
They have robust and healthy hair structure. Full, frequent and bright feathers should be given considerable importance to the care of curly hair brush or comb must be scanned.

First time in 1966 in New York has emerged, with beautiful feathers, and pointed out the brightness. In the first race due to the similarity of their features have been adopted as shothair race. In North America in 1978, the common cat breeds, cat lovers for many years by the U.S. Although not very much like their hair is always thrives on the agenda.

American Keuda

Basic Features
American Keuda, is very active and athletic race cat. There are very good runners and agile movements. Enjoys swimming and playing in the water. Groove is intelligent tool. New and officially recognized as a race, despite the fact many years in Texas and around çifliklerde natural life is a race.

Appearance and body structure
American Keuda in a medium size with smooth lines in general is a race. Proportional to the head body, has a standard facial. Ears are medium sized and triangular-shaped with rounded ends.

Almond-shaped eyes, outer edge is raised slightly. Eye color is not important. Short straight fur, soft fur is made from. Body is proportional to the queue. Loose skin is usually built. In the skin of the abdomen and the elbow fold makes folding. These folds her athletic ability to act as the summer heat also helps to adjust. Easily peeled off possible attacks from the enemy at the same time will allow. Because their legs more flexible gain can run like a cheetah Keuda.

Hair care
No special care is a feather. Brushing is enough.

Keuda'nın name for many years, Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico implemented the "Kitten Evaluation Under Direct Assessment" (KEUDA), ie direct valuation of kittens, comes from the evaluation program.

Also developed a miniature version of the American Keudanın. Egyptian Mau breed has been used to develop along been thought, there is no evidence to support it fully.

American Bobtail

Basic Features
Bobtail'lerin not be defined simply as personalities are great. Vibrant, lively, sweet, smart, and is filled with love. Every cat loves these wonderful creatures, they conquered the hearts immediately.

Appearance and body structure
Has a broad head and powerful jaws. Middle ears with large sizes can be considered as expansion goes down. Apart from the elegant nose of a slope is considered flat. The eyes are large and slightly rounded.

Higher than a certain length of the body without having to squat and have a close look. The difference between male female male cat with a broad-shouldered, heavily built and muscular, although almost the same extent, but it is kedimsi created in a lilt.

Bony legs are short and intense. Or pointed tail is as flexible and cheerleader. In general, such as plush fur is medium length and not tangled. In a more long-haired cat hair accumulation is different in the neck, and legs.

Hair care
Nodes do not have the problem of large and fine-toothed comb hair occasionally want to scan. When you want to wash Avoid shampoos that contain oil, because it's pretty flat and stuck to their hair makes me.

1960 of this race who has a nice raslantıyla mother's father is a brown or gray Siamese females are estimated to have a mullet. Babies in the face of increasing attention with the beauty of the Birman, Himalayan, and even Himalayan / Siamese to the mix of races coming into today's American Bobtail has no more of this beautiful cat is now, unfortunately. But this race is still trying to spread the dedicated growers are doing their best.

American Shorthair

Basic Features
Intelligent, assertive, and these cats are very active, while you sleep or nap when you can see during the acrobatic movements. Cute mouse movements, especially at this game may turn into a great excitement for them. In addition to fresh meat and food is like eating food can. Mixed fresh bone is always preferred.

Appearance and body structure
Prominent plump cheeks, almond-shaped, resembling medium-sized eyes, a pointed nose like a square, upright ears and mouth with a small round building has a medium size head.

Thanks to the advanced jaw and broad shoulders and powerful images with a strong American Shorthair'ın medium length legs and paws are round, eye-catching display support structure. Hairs short and fine, although a very durable so --- --- güg.

Hair care
Healthy hair should be brushed regularly. In addition to regular brushing of cats and cat owners like to make a quick exercise to be established between the friendship is an important step in.

The origin of this race in 1904, Buster Brown, the first domesticated cats that are based on race. American cargo ship named the Mayflower first trip to the ship during a long and continuous journey to be discovered in the origin of this cat, they are likened to the pilgrims, although the UK is known as America.

Cat of Ankara - Angora

Basic Features
With the owner who worship literally and followed him everywhere, the Angora cat energized, the player is intelligent and curious cat. Ankara, which is quite fond of house cats, and is compatible with very close relationships with people. Enthusiasts and researchers have put the structure feature of his players.

Besides this being a stable structure that can be seen as a result of the curious identity. Always bring something to mind if you will. Unique sense of fun and wonder of the show because her home while surfing on the furniture, while catching imaginary friends, or playing with balls and never get bored with it before it is possible to spend hours of fun.

Appearance and body structure
Sharply defined medium that has a head very long and üçgenimsi Angora cat is a structure in the nose.

A large erect ears, long considered to be close to each other and are located right at the top of the head. Ear tips are erect and hairy.

Big eyes and round pupils of the vertical structure in the form of an almond. --- --- Cog Although usually compared with the blue eye color of amber, green and yellow hues, and can be in two different colors such as yellow-blue eyes. Ankara, which has a long and beefy body postures and movements of the cats are very elegant structure.

Abundant long silky feathers and white consisting of a single layer structure. A second layer is called the lower feathers. Plenty of tail feather, fluffy and long. While walking back toward his tail held horizontally curved Angora cat who view these properties with the specific and unique feature of being won. The most characteristic feature of Angora hereditary deafness, but may not be observed in some Angora cat.

Hair care
Long, silky hairs that often raises the need for screening. Should be screened regularly. Otherwise you may experience problems opening tow power.

As the ancestor of long-haired cats are accepted and recognized in Europe as Angora cat Angora --- u --- cog when Iran and America are mixed with cat cat is known as Iran.

Produced in Turkey and the Turkish side, this cat breed is the homeland and region of origin. Between the years 1620-1625 for the first time during the Crusades, a French scientist leading the way back to the land that produced some of the white Angora cat with an elegant way to deploy well-known and received great acclaim in Europe. 17.yy.da for Angora cat associations recognized in Italy was established.

The most important of these associations can be considered as the Club continues to work and still Pietro Della Valle Turco Angora Angora cat named associations working for the development of production and compete in the race, and contributes to the development. 18. and 14th-century Marie Antoniette Louis became a fan of cats and many other noble Ankara and Europe have been continuing production. In 1962, U.S. military personnel to be taken to America by a pair of Angora cat of this breed in the United States have led to the recognition and love.

These days in America and Europe are produced as pure Angora cat. Ankara cats interbreed with cats for many years, Iran has been and long-haired cats were obtained in different colors. Therefore in danger of extinction of living Angora is a pure white color, race, property protection and to prevent extinction in recent years, attention was paid to produce.

American Curl

Basic Features
Noble and logical personality, have excellent intuition and rational awareness. Curious behavior and positive outlook to life immediately draw attention. Like his outward life and lifestyles in a positive preferred by people looking for this cat, two or three years pass from childhood to adolescence.

Apart from fresh meat, cans of food very nice and ready to go.

Appearance and body structure
This race, with a medium size head, even though the structure, the distance between two ears because of the shortness of the structure seems to be quite a head. Between race, which has the most sensitive American ears Curl'in ears long, straight and relatively wide mouth texture.

Large walnut-like shape of the eyes, small nose and mouth in a rectangular shape with the Curl appealing and attractive, has very strong jaws. Weight of 2.5 and 4.5 kg in the --- gis --- The American Curl, less developed, but a regular working muscles, medium-length legs, above each other in proportion with streaks of large tail and a round large non-paws of a medium-sized body structure has. Feels silky to the touch and not too long with feathers, although the Curl'in wrinkled skin is not sagging.

Hair care
And a soft-silky hairs so bright that they look healthy is proportional to shave.

American Curl'ün story of Joe and Grace Ruga Californiadaki lake homes Shulamit discover begins. Ruga pair, in 1981 and Shulamit breed cats four offspring of the two Shulamit like the curly-haired and curly-eared, although the other two curved ears and even the long haired born with genetic studies have begun, and this race thoroughbred made were.

Starting in 1983, the first time this race in 1986 in recognition CFA (Cat Federal Assocesetion) was adopted by racially pure. In 1991, the American Curl breed championships to be seen in 1993, was adopted with two different hair lengths.

Adopted in every color and race was skating down the most prominent feature is recognized as kıvrıklık ears.

Cat of Abyssinian

Basic Features
The Abyssinian is intelligent sensors and easily trained. Awake, very talented and he lives like a loving cat who is allowed. Will always find something to busy himself.

Appearance and body structure
Mild head is triangular and has smooth lines. Rather than sharp-pointed nose or a hollow look. A good part of the ear tips are erect and pointed.

Big bright eyes and standing apart from each other under the pen-drawn lines, it looks like it is one of the characteristics. And medium-size muscular body.

Thin and fragile bones in the front legs are longer than the back. Feet small, compact and oval. Tail is long and thick. Hairs short, thin and medium length. Evokes a pleasant feeling to the touch, and together with internal feathers are very dense. Is gold or green eyes. The cat's tail on the ends of the dark color is always a darker tone.

Burnt brown, red and blue feathers, sometimes open and sometimes that can be decorated with dark bands. Burnt brown hair bands in black or dark brown can. Red-haired cats, chocolate color with a nice combination of red and a hot look.

The light gray-blue and blue feathers arduaz gray, ivory-colored feathers on the inside --- --- gis are spread in various shades. Bejimsi pale pinkish-brown with a dark band with feathers are more open. In each of the four colors of the inner feathers are light colored and bright.

Hair care
to get the dead hair and occasionally brushing the uniform application of the nail care segment is sufficient for this cat.

African wild cat (Felis libyca) similar to the reason for developing the former British Abyssinian breed is the result of hard work had been done. Rather than others, although this cat is pure and ancient breed of mummified cats of ancient Egypt can not be said to be direct descendants. 1860 s in the complex period of British officers who served in North Africa Abyssinia'dan their first memories of cats "Zula" is.

This race was in 1882 in England and the recognition of "the British marked as" accepted. Abyssinian Cat Club was founded in 1919 and the Abyssinian name for this cat breed was officially recognized.

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