Saturday, May 1, 2010

Australian Mist

Basic Features
Burmese'nin compassion, intelligence and agility Abyssinian'ın, domestic cats have taken a healthy and strong structure is a great house cat.

They do not leave the owner's side, and they walk through the house with him. These cats are always happy, one patient with a toy for hours until they are oynacak. children and others who understand the Australian Mist kucakta petlerle like to sit too.

Are not considered very intelligent, but is always ready to play this race for the kittens, adult cats are more demure and submissive.

Appearance and body structure
In a medium size, hard, muscular body is the Australian Mist short-haired cat. Females are slightly larger than males.

Compatible with a round head, body, ears are small and steep. Big bright eyes, round and green in color. Eyes and nose close to one another are inclined towards. Slightly downward facing eyes, whiskers, nose, chin and facial lines of expression to earn a pretty approachable. This powerful and expressive facial expression is more pronounced in male cats. Chest is broad and rounded shapes.

Is proportional to the body and strong legs. Rear legs, front legs are slightly longer. Paws are oval shaped and clean. Is proportional to the body and thick tail. Elbows slightly bent and the right-to-end creates a little thinner.

Hair care
a little cat hair is in need of care. Once a week made a brief five-minute brushing is sufficient.

Avutralya'nın domestic short-haired cats in Sydney, Burmese, and Abyssinian 's mixture, a new hybrid breed is known. Previously known as the Spotted Mist race in Australia in 1980 and later became a championship race at the birici is recognized as the name of the Australian Mist. However, these names were recorded in 1998 as official. In later years, the United States and New Zealand also lead to well-known and grown.

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