Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Keuda

Basic Features
American Keuda, is very active and athletic race cat. There are very good runners and agile movements. Enjoys swimming and playing in the water. Groove is intelligent tool. New and officially recognized as a race, despite the fact many years in Texas and around çifliklerde natural life is a race.

Appearance and body structure
American Keuda in a medium size with smooth lines in general is a race. Proportional to the head body, has a standard facial. Ears are medium sized and triangular-shaped with rounded ends.

Almond-shaped eyes, outer edge is raised slightly. Eye color is not important. Short straight fur, soft fur is made from. Body is proportional to the queue. Loose skin is usually built. In the skin of the abdomen and the elbow fold makes folding. These folds her athletic ability to act as the summer heat also helps to adjust. Easily peeled off possible attacks from the enemy at the same time will allow. Because their legs more flexible gain can run like a cheetah Keuda.

Hair care
No special care is a feather. Brushing is enough.

Keuda'nın name for many years, Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico implemented the "Kitten Evaluation Under Direct Assessment" (KEUDA), ie direct valuation of kittens, comes from the evaluation program.

Also developed a miniature version of the American Keudanın. Egyptian Mau breed has been used to develop along been thought, there is no evidence to support it fully.

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