Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Wirehair

Basic Features
Under the brutal and harsh image lies a character actor and loving. A great pleasure to play this game of cat breeds is a good fighter. Agile and energetic structures in the development of this ability has a great effect. At the end of moving day, they love to dive into a deep sleep. They usually like the natural food and fiber.

Appearance and body structure
Massive, rectangular head with the American Shorthair'dan structure is divided. Mouth and jaw forward slightly protruding structures are well developed. Legs, medium length and bone structure. Is small and oval paws. Tail of medium length and are less muscular. Planted with soft fur, curly and is very common.

Hair care
They have robust and healthy hair structure. Full, frequent and bright feathers should be given considerable importance to the care of curly hair brush or comb must be scanned.

First time in 1966 in New York has emerged, with beautiful feathers, and pointed out the brightness. In the first race due to the similarity of their features have been adopted as shothair race. In North America in 1978, the common cat breeds, cat lovers for many years by the U.S. Although not very much like their hair is always thrives on the agenda.

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