Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Bobtail

Basic Features
Bobtail'lerin not be defined simply as personalities are great. Vibrant, lively, sweet, smart, and is filled with love. Every cat loves these wonderful creatures, they conquered the hearts immediately.

Appearance and body structure
Has a broad head and powerful jaws. Middle ears with large sizes can be considered as expansion goes down. Apart from the elegant nose of a slope is considered flat. The eyes are large and slightly rounded.

Higher than a certain length of the body without having to squat and have a close look. The difference between male female male cat with a broad-shouldered, heavily built and muscular, although almost the same extent, but it is kedimsi created in a lilt.

Bony legs are short and intense. Or pointed tail is as flexible and cheerleader. In general, such as plush fur is medium length and not tangled. In a more long-haired cat hair accumulation is different in the neck, and legs.

Hair care
Nodes do not have the problem of large and fine-toothed comb hair occasionally want to scan. When you want to wash Avoid shampoos that contain oil, because it's pretty flat and stuck to their hair makes me.

1960 of this race who has a nice raslantıyla mother's father is a brown or gray Siamese females are estimated to have a mullet. Babies in the face of increasing attention with the beauty of the Birman, Himalayan, and even Himalayan / Siamese to the mix of races coming into today's American Bobtail has no more of this beautiful cat is now, unfortunately. But this race is still trying to spread the dedicated growers are doing their best.

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