Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Basic Features
Active, affectionate, cats are susceptible to the same sporting event. Why do not they be left alone. Generally, garden of life, even if they can not live on the streets.

Outdoor Terrace, bird baths are the places that they wanted to spend time. This race, often systematic, consistent, and preferred to ordinary people.

Appearance and design of living
Always in relation to the body structure, head of medium length. At first glance, steepness and width of the ears and eyes, it crashes.

And cute little nose, big ears, is dominated by black stripes Baliniseler, almond-like nose and a diamond and light, which is very sensitive eyes, the image looks like. Medium-sized muscular, and to improve the Balinese design and elegant profile, a relatively small body and long legs, small and oval-shaped legs.

Long, thin tail, and an impressive cover the whole body soft, this race won his second feature. Interracial structure of feathers, except the moon is a long and silky appearance.

Balineselerin so that they are slightly longer than the feathers a cute look. Even on a regular basis by brushing the hair in different cat breed is also good, because this race is going.

Origin of the breed in the southern part of Bali Beach is a city in ASIO. Competition in a region in the northern part of Bali Sea is far from the culture and friendliness. Therefore, the nature of race, long-haired Siamese cat belong to racial and emotionality, and civility is not dominant. Even the behavior of the breed is often compared to former local chapters with the dancers.

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