Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Shorthair

Basic Features
Intelligent, assertive, and these cats are very active, while you sleep or nap when you can see during the acrobatic movements. Cute mouse movements, especially at this game may turn into a great excitement for them. In addition to fresh meat and food is like eating food can. Mixed fresh bone is always preferred.

Appearance and body structure
Prominent plump cheeks, almond-shaped, resembling medium-sized eyes, a pointed nose like a square, upright ears and mouth with a small round building has a medium size head.

Thanks to the advanced jaw and broad shoulders and powerful images with a strong American Shorthair'ın medium length legs and paws are round, eye-catching display support structure. Hairs short and fine, although a very durable so --- --- güg.

Hair care
Healthy hair should be brushed regularly. In addition to regular brushing of cats and cat owners like to make a quick exercise to be established between the friendship is an important step in.

The origin of this race in 1904, Buster Brown, the first domesticated cats that are based on race. American cargo ship named the Mayflower first trip to the ship during a long and continuous journey to be discovered in the origin of this cat, they are likened to the pilgrims, although the UK is known as America.

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