Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cat of Abyssinian

Basic Features
The Abyssinian is intelligent sensors and easily trained. Awake, very talented and he lives like a loving cat who is allowed. Will always find something to busy himself.

Appearance and body structure
Mild head is triangular and has smooth lines. Rather than sharp-pointed nose or a hollow look. A good part of the ear tips are erect and pointed.

Big bright eyes and standing apart from each other under the pen-drawn lines, it looks like it is one of the characteristics. And medium-size muscular body.

Thin and fragile bones in the front legs are longer than the back. Feet small, compact and oval. Tail is long and thick. Hairs short, thin and medium length. Evokes a pleasant feeling to the touch, and together with internal feathers are very dense. Is gold or green eyes. The cat's tail on the ends of the dark color is always a darker tone.

Burnt brown, red and blue feathers, sometimes open and sometimes that can be decorated with dark bands. Burnt brown hair bands in black or dark brown can. Red-haired cats, chocolate color with a nice combination of red and a hot look.

The light gray-blue and blue feathers arduaz gray, ivory-colored feathers on the inside --- --- gis are spread in various shades. Bejimsi pale pinkish-brown with a dark band with feathers are more open. In each of the four colors of the inner feathers are light colored and bright.

Hair care
to get the dead hair and occasionally brushing the uniform application of the nail care segment is sufficient for this cat.

African wild cat (Felis libyca) similar to the reason for developing the former British Abyssinian breed is the result of hard work had been done. Rather than others, although this cat is pure and ancient breed of mummified cats of ancient Egypt can not be said to be direct descendants. 1860 s in the complex period of British officers who served in North Africa Abyssinia'dan their first memories of cats "Zula" is.

This race was in 1882 in England and the recognition of "the British marked as" accepted. Abyssinian Cat Club was founded in 1919 and the Abyssinian name for this cat breed was officially recognized.

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